The CME Spot is an all-in-one search engine for continuing medical education (CME) credits that provides convenience, resources, and adventures. We know how frustrating it can be browsing Google searches and not finding that one CME that fits your time-off, desired topic and destination. So, we did the work for you.

Nurses United Against Human Trafficking (NUAHT) is an organization founded in 2020 by two nurses who are driven to abolish modern-day slavery. NUAHT offers education modules, membership, resources, and consulting services for healthcare professionals by building human trafficking protocols and community response teams.

BallyWho? Consulting is a full-service marketing agency that is all about creating sensational design and explosive advertising campaigns for our clients. Our tagline, inspired by the definition of “ballyhoo,” means that we strive to advertise and publicize our clients‘ businesses using sensational and innovative means.