Lisa Dunlap AGPCNP

Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

Lisa Dunlap AGPCNP, is a nurse burnout coach, workplace wellness consultant, and holistic nurse practitioner. She helps high-achieving nurse leaders restore and revive themselves so they can thrive and live a life they love.  
While working on the frontlines of the pandemic as a Hospice NP and juggling two small children at home she saw the critical need for women in healthcare to prioritize their mental health. She founded Nurse Your Soul, after she transformed her own rock-bottom burnout, debilitating pain, and potentially life-threatening diagnosis into spontaneous healing and living her dream life. She quit her 14- year career as a nurse, and started Nurse Your Soul to empower nurses with practical tools to get unstuck. As a certified herbalist, clinical aromatherapist, reflexologist, energy healer, and trained in mindfulness and self-compassion her coaching targets the mind-body and spirit.    
In the 18 months since Nurse Your Soul began, Lisa has helped 100s of nurses prioritize themselves and overcome burnout. She has spoken in front of several nursing organizations and delivered workplace wellness programs to various healthcare organizations across America. She interviews experts in the field on her weekly LIVE show, “Resilience Insights.” She has been interviewed by the Discovery Channel, The Doctor Nurse Podcast, Stress-Free Solutions, Dose of Support, Don’t Eat Your Young, & Finding Balance in Your Business, Career, Finances & Health.